The Collectors Home

George Condo, Thomas Ruff, Cosima Von Bonin, Björn Dahlem, Gregor Hildebrandt, Jenny Holzer, Richard Aldrich, Kirsten Justesen, Günther Förg, Thomas Zipp, Thomas Scheibitz, Jonas Burgert, Florian Meisenberg Anne Collier, Thomas Kiesewetter, Ron Gorchov, Ester Fleckner


With ”The Collectors Home” Avlskarl Gallery invites you inside the home of an anonymous art collector. A personal art collection, regardless of how expensive the pieces may be, is what makes a house a home. Some people have a great eye for art. They may collect important pieces or they know how to spot an upcoming artist or how to embrace the quirky and unconventional.

In collaboration with Studio Oliver Gustav, Avlskarl Gallery is transformed into the ideal collector’s home. Gustav works with focus on aesthetics, art and interior design, bringing personality to simplicity. Gustav will create a home with a quiet, yet dramatic atmosphere where starkly modern pieces contrast with antiques, exquisite curiosities with contemporary art – which when displayed together make a powerful statement. A home filled with works by some of the most recognized living contemporary artists.

Unlike a normal exhibition, the gallery will be turned into a complete home. It is a rare peak inside a private sphere, designed around the display of art, from conceptual artists to classic painters.

We look forward to inviting you inside The Collectors Home.