Sergej Jensen


February / March 2014

Avlskarl Gallery presents Sergej Jensen’s first solo exhibition in Copenhagen. Sergej Jensen (born in 1973 in Maglegaard) has brought five big canvases for his exhibition at Avlskarl Gallery in Copenhagen.

Jensen is internationally known for his fragile handling with the arts. Since the late 1990‘s – and based on a notion of the painting medium as old and diluted – Jensen has reduced and destroyed picturesque forms and artistic means. He has sewn, glued, draped, turned the painting, colored in the washing machine, made noble materials look cheap, used the unpainted parts of canvases, used fragments of other paintings, used banknotes and bleached in stead of color, made holes in canvasas, sewn it back together, found textiles, stretched it on offbeat frames, used early computer graphics and outplayed modernism as inspiration. His paintings has often been shown at older architectural locations and in a bad lightning.

Just recently Jensen has started working with a more classical type of painting. His use of acrylic is often more plastic than colorful. So the expressions rives, is filled with unsaturated pigments and resemble body fluid at times. The two allegorical paintings “Heksehertogen far Herlev  (Mr. Denmark) and “Fødelse og røveri af Danmark” is shown at Avlskarl Gallery, alongside the textile-constructed painting “Socialliberal abstraktion” and the two close monochrome paintings “Neoprotestantisk abstraktion” and “Positivprotestantisk abstraktion (Afsked)”.

Jensen has recently exhibited his work at Berlinische Galeri, Berlin, Regen Projects, Los Angeles, M/Lartspace at Nailsalon, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NYC and White Cube, Hong Kong.