Ester Fleckner was born in Denmark in 1983. Educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (2007-2013) and Goldsmiths University of London. Fleckner now lives and works in Berlin.

Working from queer and trans epistemologies, Fleckner inverts the value of failure, unfinishedness, and displacement to arrive at chaotic and intuitive ways of knowing. Fleckner employs an abstract aesthetic to counteract normative tendencies to produce ever new and false binaries. As such, Fleckner’s ventures are almost always serial and expressly inquisitive; always morphing along the way towards no particular endpoint. The works can be read as alternative maps for navigating visual and linguistic representation out of rigid categorisation.

Fleckner mostly works with woodcut printing – a simple, slow and physical technique that allows for differences, errors and a loss of control. As a natural material, wood is apt for Fleckner’s exploration of the collisions between the body and various cultural norms. Fragments of text or drawing are often added in pencil as interaction or dialogue with the graphics works that are printed by the artist. Fleckner’s practice expands from the woodcuts to include cast concrete sculptures, drawings, text work and performative readings [source].


    How To Spell A Sound That Is Physical, April / May 2015
    The Collectors Home, May / June 2017
    Woodbeds, Brimming, 29 November / 24 January 2020