The exhibition How to spell a sound that is physical shows a new series of woodcut prints by Ester Fleckner. With carvings based on different attempts to depict sheets of paper, screens and racks, the prints vary in intensity, delineating the intersection of traces and layers. At close range you can read handwritten notes, which, in their fragmented form and content, go into dialogue with the prints. The works reflect Fleckner’s processual approach to language, images and physicality exploring the chaotic and insufficient links between them.

The woodcut print is a recurring media for Fleckner. The technique is simple and immediate and the physical resistance of the wood, as well as the printing process allows for differences, errors and a loss of control. As organic and natural material, wood creates a physical dimension of Fleckner’s exploration into collisions between the body and various cultural norms and ideas.

The exhibition How to spell a sound that is physical is a continuation of Fleckner’s on-going investigation of experiences of displacement, the unfinished and failure in relation to queer navigation and the fluidity of the body.

Ester Fleckner (b. 1983) is educated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and Goldsmiths University of London.