November / December 2014

An office is often characterised as an isolated and formally retracted working space. It’s a room where companies or institutions undertake managerial or administrative work, have private meetings and run their business. It is a special sphere where one can be creative, inspired and comfortable day in and day out. An office’s décor can therefore often be stereotypical and neutral – with a desk, chairs, a bookcase, a desktop, papers and books. However, it can also be private as it often reflects who you are and what you stand for. The personal office is warm and comfortable. It’s a room where people meet, have fun together and start conversations.

Avlskarl Gallery welcomes the Danish artist Cristian Andersen to create a total installation in terms of an office according to his own idea of this type of room.

Andersen operates with a notion of the office as a microcosmos; a small world of its own where people can recreate and relax. An office is defined by privacy and discretion, which are central keywords for Andersen. This is where moments of importance happen. Furthermore an office can be described as a stage – it is controlled with the décor, it is comfortable as a dark and cozy cave. The world outside changes while the world inside remains the same.

In an office, you often bring your personal history. This is also the case for the installation at Avlskarl Gallery. By using cupboards, chairs, curtains, lightening, ceramics and works of art, Andersen plays with the different objects as symbols of personality, success, homeliness and artistic passion. The iconic furniture by Børge Mogensen and the ceramics, painted by the artist’s himself, are references to design and traditions. The sculptures are made of various materials whereas the paintings are made of plaques from original Mogensen designs.

Like an artist’s atelier, the office is almost like sacred place of refuge affording peace and privacy. Here in the gallery, you can step into the office whenever you like – use it and be a part of it. Every guest is welcome! The installation will change over time as an ongoing, ever-changing office space with new objects, new atmosphere and spontaneous meetings to come.